Authenticity Guarantee

"How are the frames and lenses so cheap? They must be fake…… it's too good to be true" - Most people

INCORRECT! This is the #1 question we get asked and here's the long answer!

When you're buying a frame on glass + lens, know that you are buying 100% authentic merchandise purchased direct from the manufacturer, ensuring all the goods are certified authentic.

So you're probably wondering how we keep the cost to YOU the consumer so LOW? Easy, most product you will see on glass + lens were last years or year before collections. Brands generally closeout goods to make room for the newest collections. We are constantly purchasing these deals at amazing discounts and pennies on the dollar…. passing the savings to you :)

"Ok, I get the frames, but how do you include lenses in that price" - Most people

Answer is simple, optical stores have been ripping consumers off for years, the average lens costs under $30.

We are one of the largest optical frame and sunglasses retailers in America with over 30 years' experience in the eyewear industry. At glass + lens, we strive to provide the greatest experience you will ever have online purchasing prescription eyewear.

If you are unhappy with your product for any reason (but we doubt that will happen), please return it for a complete refund (see returns and refund page). Goods are inspected for imperfections and damage to guarantee that you receive your product with no worries.

If you have any further question regarding the products authenticity (or just want to chat) please contact us 24/7 at