So you want to hear a bit about us! As with most great ideas, we do have a great backstory. First off, we love glasses, all of us at glass + lens are eyewear veterans, plus we all wear glasses (most employees have a pair for everyday of the week). While comparing some popular glasses websites and compared prices, we noticed the sites like "Warby" sell THEIR own brand and "THEIR" style frames. The only issue is, you’re limited to their house brand and worse, their house style (to us, it’s like going to a bar only being able to order the beer made in the owner’s garage). We thought, why pay $95 plus for off-brand eyewear, when we can buy brand name frames for the same or less. Just like that glass + lens was born.

Our Promise




Hey You! Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on overpriced designer frames and lenses? At glass + lens we have found a way that you can have the designer frames you're looking for with the lenses installed at one flat rate!

How you ask? glass + lens has been in the optical industry for over 30 years and has a reputation for excellence and has curated relationships with brands that have allowed us to save on costs that we can now pass on to you, the consumer.

Did You Know?

The top manufacturers of eyewear, sell last year’s models and style in bulk to companies like ours. These are the make eyeglasses and sunglasses you saw in the magazines last year. We purchase them over 80% off wholesale. Over $100 million overstock goods were offered last year alone. Individual customers could never take advantage of these prices, until now!

The Lab

glass + lens state of the art lab is equipped with among the most modern optic equipment in the industry. Our lab along with our team of optical experts are equipped to work on a wide range of lenses to ensure that the consumer has the best product in the shortest amount of wait time.

Customer Service

At glass + lens customer service is our first priority, understanding that with your trust comes great responsibility. Our glass + lens Customer Service team are committed to service, have a passion for glasses, and are dedicated to help you with your purchase or inquiries.

Be assured that your calls are answered immediately with minimal wait times and all emails are responded to within 24 business hours. Most importantly glass + lens customer service is right her in-house so no outsourcing is needed.

Shippers & Packers

At glass + lens everything is done in house, because we are committed to lowering the costs of prescription eyewear. glass + lens controls all of our logistic and distribution channels which means lower prices for you and better service from us.

For all US based orders expect to receive your prescription eyewear within a few days of placing your order as well as the benefits of free US shipping.

The “glass + lens ” Style Council

Over 30 years of passion for fashion and eyewear, our glass + lens style council are experts in picking out the best and most popular frames & brands. The style crew is constantly on the search for new product and have built relationships with brands that make sure we gave the latest trends and styles in stock just for you!